Bottom of the Ninth. Bases are Loaded…

So tonight was freaking awesome!  Let me start with my daytime first though.  I started the day out with daily mass (as usual) and it\’s thursday so the SMG (Saint Maria Goretti is the church I go to in Arlington in case you don\’t know that) kids were there….cause there\’s a catholic shcool.  The significance of this is that it\’s and hour long mass and there\’s singing….so yay!  Then Astronomy and English….the 2 worst classes I have and the only reasons I probably won\’t be transfering to Austin with a 4.0.  Then Astronomy Lab pointout for the constellation quiz which i should totally study for, but I prbably won\’t anytime soon.  Then Rach and I ate lunch and went to Wal-Mart.  I came home and vegged out and had one of our deep conversations about life with Kattiey.  She is so awesome.  I\’m so lucky I have the most wonderful roomates.  Then joey called and was like me and rachel are gonna eat….so I went to the cafeteria for dinner and chris, skye, skye\’s roomate and her boyfriend were there too.  Chris and I sang the Weird Al American Pie parody….\”The Saga Begins\” refering to Star Wars.  It was fun.  Then me and him decided to go back to his apt. to play super mario world, and he accidently kicked it and it erased our game.  It was very sad.  But not to fear….we\’ll beat it again.  So then we go to Chris\’s softball game…and here\’s where it gets interesting.  Im with Chris and Felipe.  Joey, Rachel, Skye and Kevin are gonna meet us at the game to watch Chris play later.  Chris and Felipe are on the team and have to get there early….so obviously I\’m there too.  SoI \’m sitting there and they come up to me and they\’re like….you wanna play?  Cause they needed another girl cause it\’s coed and you need at least 4 girls and they had 3.  So I took Chris\’s Socks, and Kristen\’s sneakers and Felipe\’s glove and took my place in right field. I must have looked weird.  I was wearing my khaki pants…..totally not planning on playing at all.   Now I\’ve never played softball….like ever.  I watch baseball and stuff, but as far as playing…I\’m completely lost.  So I\’m back there hoping no ball comes flying at my head….which it didn\’t really.  Then we bat and every time I batted I hit the ball.  Every time.  I only fouled once….I got on base twice.  So yeah.  I\’m so not joking about this next part either.  The game is 6 to 3.  the other team is winning.  It\’s the bottom of the ninth…..bases are loaded.  I hit a foul.  She pitches again.  I hit the ball and no one got to it in time.  I\’m on base….one runner home.  The next guy completely hurls the ball out into not quite out of the field but far enough so that I run around all the bases and when I get to home I slided in…..completely ripping my khaki pants and scrapping up my knees…..blood everywhere.  Dirt all over.  But we won darn it.  We won.  It was an amazing first softball game ever….and to think….I was just supposed to watch.

\”You haven\’t studied.  Bad Astronomy students.\” – Ashley

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