Boyfriend vs. The Shoes

I would like to think that Evan and I are a relatively progressive couple.  I\’m the breadwinner of the relationship right now and there were a few months a while ago that Evan exclusively did all of my laundry.  That being said we do have our moments when we are just so stereotypical its laughable.

Begin Scene.
Evan is playing Halo Reach on his Xbox.
Karen is reading blogs on her tablet.
KAREN: I bought some things today.  Want to see?
EVAN: *Still very much involved in the game* Sure.
Karen  gets up off the couch and pulls out and puts on a pair of black high heel loafers that vaguely resemble  the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the West.
KAREN: What do you think?
Evan pauses game and looks.
EVAN: You really don\’t like them. Do you?
KAREN: Well, I don\’t know. My sister and mom said they were cute.
EVAN: You don\’t have to buy something just because your sister said they were cute!  If you aren\’t going to wear them just take them back.
KAREN: Well, I might wear them…*changing subject* I also bought another pair of shoes.
Karen precedes to put on an absolutely adorable pair of brown and white shoes I can not find a picture of unfortunately.
KAREN: Aren\’t they adorable.
EVAN: You like these better, don\’t you?
KAREN: Well they are super cute. How do you think they would look with tights and a skirt?
EVAN: I\’d really have to see it *clearly wanting to stop this conversation and get back to alien killing or whatever it is Halo is about*
Karen goes upstairs and changes into a half brown and half gray outfit that she was hoping looked super cute but in reality just looks a little awkward.
EVAN: That doesn\’t really go.
KAREN: My sister said you could accent gray with brown.
EVAN: Well, I don\’t think it really goes with that gray skirt.
KAREN: Well do you think that the shoes are really me?
EVAN: Well…you don\’t really wear heels….like ever.
KAREN: I can wear heels!
EVAN: I didn\’t say you couldn\’t, just that you don\’t.
KAREN: I feel like you\’re saying I\’m not being enough of a girl. Do I have to start wearing makeup now?
EVAN: What?! No! That\’s not what I said!
KAREN: I feel like my outward clothes aren\’t accurately representing my inner soul. You just don\’t understand me.
EVAN: I\’m trying, I\’ve just never seen you wear heels much.
KAREN: Well, I like them. (indignantly).  Am I being annoying?
EVAN: Of course not *Evan finally gives into temptation and turns Halo back on*
KAREN: What are you feeling?
Girl Overloaded.
P.S. Isn\’t he a trooper?

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