Come, Holy Spirit

The beginning of this prayer is an invocation to the Holy Spirit. I believe that this is a hugely appropriate beginning to my experiment in meditating on the lines of this prayer because my hope is that the Holy Spirit will help lead me in my meditations. This for me is not so much a meditation about the Holy Spirit, as my finite mind cannot even begin to wrap around the idea of an infinite God. I\’m also not in the best place to truly meditate on the Holy Spirit and how He influences our lives. My mind is tired. So, instead of a well-thought out meditation on what it means for the Holy Spirit to come to us in our state, in our lives, I will instead just ask for His guidance in the coming weeks in my meditations, in my reflections of this prayer. I ask that the Holy Spirit be with me in the coming weeks to help focus my mind and heart so I can gain a deeper understanding of God and His greater plan for my life.

\”I\’m on fire when He\’s near me. I\’m on fire when He speaks. I\’m on fire burning at these mysteries.\” – Switchfoot

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