Cookin\’ It Up

So Evan and I have developed a slight addiction. We have been going to a ridiculous amount of cooking classes lately. It\’a s little bit of an expensive habit and hobby to have together. I mean any couple can watch a movie. It takes real love and devotion to get in the kitchen and cook with each other without driving ourselves crazy.. It all started when Evan and I went on our cruise and he wanted to do the Salsa and Salsa excursion (making salsa, dancing salsa in Mexico). Well, we went to the Mayan ruins (very cool). But ever since then I vowed to make it happen someday, so when Whole Foods Culinary Center offered a Street Tacos class, I just had to jump on it. After that it was all downhill form there (or uphill?). We loved it. It was easy, we got to learn some skills in the kitchen, perfect date night and leftovers. So far I\’ve been to:

1. Mexican Street Tacos
2. Italian Sauces (Marinara, Alfredo, and Marsala)
3. Chocolate 101 (Brownies, truffles and chocolate bark)
4. Homemade Pasta (Ravioli and Linguine)
5. Thanksgiving Sauce 101
6. Wine and Cheese Holiday Tasting
7. Mother Sauces 101

Even though I don\’t cook right now a whole lot right now, it\’s nice to go learn something new and eat good food that you can now make at home. It\’s also a different way to hang out with people and I\’m always down for that. I would really recommend it if you are looking for an upscale, classy date. It\’s a little pricey, but at least with Whole Foods you normally get to bring home a bunch of leftovers, a full stomach, a head full of knowledge and good memories.

I really want to go the Indian Curry Class in February. I absolutely NEED to learn to cook Indian food. This weekly Tarka run is getting ridiculous.

Can I just point out how lucky I am that my fiance is totally the kind of person that will get into this sort of stuff with me? I get to go to cooking classes, classical symphonies, and ballroom dancing whenever I am able with a more than willing partner. I don\’t even have to do the whole football thing on Sunday nights either. I think I won some kind of lottery*.

*Although sometimes I wish he got into football a little bit, or at least UT football. I\’m a little bit of everything kind of girl and I\’m not opposed to watching a Longhorn game every know and then, especially if we get to cook cute little football appetizers.

**While Evan doesn\’t care for sports too much, I feel obligated to mention he does play a lot of Halo, so I guess that evens it out.

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