Day 1

I\’ve made a promise to myself that from today until my birthday, which is Thursday, I will make every effort to take care of myself. I will cook and eat what I cook, I will exercise, I will read the bible, I will do my homework, I will work, I will socialize, I will keep my living quarters clean and I will keep a regular sleep schedule. I started the day off right and went running with my wonderful sister…which is a huge accomplishment for me as I never run. Now to go to work. I know this doesn\’t seem like a lot, but for me it is. Actually getting up and moving and living and being productive is something I really need to do to take care of myself and considering all the emotionally draining stuff I\’ve dealt with the past 6 months, I\’m in dire need of some self love. And what better week to kick it off than the week of my birthday? Alright friends, I\’m going to go be productive!

\”Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.\” – Dale Carnegie

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