Degrassi: It Goes There!

Alright.  Laugh at me.  Call me a dork, a loser, say I have too much time on  my hands,  shake your head in complete sadness that I would even complie this list.   All I\’m asking is for you not to judge me… least too harshly.  This started out as a mere curiousity.  I  want to know what issues Degrassi haven\’t yet covered.  And let me tell you not much.  So here are the issues that Degrassi has covered up until now and why Degrassi is the greatest Canadian, high school drama ever.

  1. Cyber Stalkers
  2. Sibling Rivalry
  3. Step-Siblings
  4. Drinking
  5. Pornography
  6. Divorced Parents
  7. Premarital Sex
  8. Pathetic Crushes
  9. The Environment
  10. Abusing Ritalin
  11. ADD
  12. Gay Fathers
  13. Saying you’re gay when you’re really not to discourage someone
  14. Getting your period for the first time
  15. Latch-Key Kids
  16. Teacher-Student Relationship Rumors
  17. Cafeteria Health Concerns
  18. Playing Pranks on Teachers
  19. Making Teachers Cry
  20. Bad First Dates
  21. Cheerleading Being Sexist
  22. Contests To Win 1 Million Dollars
  23. Garage Bands
  24. Tarot Cards
  25. Fighting
  26. Pushing Down Girlfriend in Fight
  27. Exam Stress
  28. Doing Ecstasy
  29. Cheating on Boyfriend on Ecstasy
  30. Losing all your friends because of Ecstacy
  31. Child Abuse From Father
  32. Leaving your abusive father and living with a stepfather
  33. Parent dating a teacher
  34. Crashing Dances
  35. Dance Off
  36. Liking the bully’s sister
  37. Turning Goth
  38. Nepotism
  39. Flirting
  40. Erections
  41. Driving without a license
  42. Body piercing
  43. Frat Parties
  44. Rape
  45. Making the Weight for Wrestling
  46. Plus Size People
  47. Dating someone that reminds you of your little sister
  48. Liking a Gay Guy
  49. Being Ashamed of your heritage
  50. Bad Hair
  51. Pregnant right before the wedding when the guy doesn’t want a baby
  52. Marriage
  53. Bachelor Parties
  54. Strippers
  55. Being confused about your sexuality
  56. Dating a guy who’s gay
  57. Being too clingy/suffocating your girlfriend
  58. Thinking a teacher’s hot
  59. Telling the truth
  60. Getting drunk at dinner with your girlfriend’s parents
  61. Dressing preppy for someone else
  62. Discovering your inner emo self
  63. Condoms
  64. Being broken up with girlfriend when she finds condoms in your locker
  65. Being an Overly Controlling Sport’s team manager
  66. Quitting a sport because of an overly controlling sport’s team manager
  67. Palm Reading
  68. Genetically Modified Food
  69. Protests
  70. Stealing from a friend and then pawning it off
  71. Going to court for rape
  72. Abusive Father wants kid back
  73. Abusive Father dies in a car crash
  74. Finding your birth father
  75. Finding out your birth father is mentally retarded
  76. Going into Labor
  77. Going from cute to Sexy
  78. Adults trying to live vicariously through the children
  79. Your first gay crush
  80. Coming out to a friend
  81. Gay Bashing
  82. Cancer
  83. Stealing
  84. Getting mixed up in the wrong crowd
  85. The Popular kids
  86. Wet Dreams
  87. Winning a girl over with a song
  88. Telling your friend about prospectively having sex with your girlfriend
  89. Girlfriend dumping you for telling your friend about having sex
  90. Hooking up with a rebound
  91. Alcoholic mothers
  92. Cutting
  93. Hooking up with a guy with a girlfriend
  94. Hooking up with a guy with a girlfriend and not caring
  95. Homophobia
  96. Abusive Boyfriend
  97. Cheating on your girlfriend
  98. Getting caught cheating on your girlfriend
  99. Getting revenge on your ex
  100. Getting your license
  101. Teenage Pregnancy
  102. Abortion
  103. Detention
  104. Playing Hookey from school
  105. Being in the hospital from an abusive relationship
  106. Battle of the Bands
  107. First Date with gay guy’s first boyfriend
  108. Student Welfare
  109. Crashing your boyfriend’s car into your rapist’s car
  110. Coming out to your parents
  111. Feeling insecure about your….*private area* and trying to enlarge it
  112. Moving in with your boyfriend
  113. Public Humiliation
  114. School Shooting
  115. Student Dating a Teacher
  116. Proposing at the age of 16
  117. Bi-Polar Disorder
  118. Oral Sex bracelet game
  119. Gonorrhea
  120. Being Paralyzed from being shot and confined to a wheelchair indefinitely
  121. Gambling
  122. Donating Blood…and not being allowed to because your gay
  123. Gay boyfriend cheating on you in college
  124. Trying to burn down the school
  125. Filming a major movie at your school
  126. Going to London for the girl of your dreams
  127. Being Rejected in London by girl of your dreams
  128. Homelessness
  129. Cosmetic Surgery
  130. Flashing your boobs on camera
  131. Having the tape where your boobs are exposed e-mailed to everyone in the school
  132. Smoking Weed
  133. College Interviews
  134. Teen Pregnancy….again
  135. Going from Jock to artist
  136. Drug Dealing
  137. Overdosing on Drugs
  138. Mid-Life Crisis
  139. Christianity and “Being Saved”
  140. Husband cheats on wife with the principal
  141. Lesbians and Bi-Sexuality
  142. Being a Rock Star
  143. Abstinence vs. Protected Sex
  144. Bulimia
  145. Car Races

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