Earthquakes Don\’t Kill People. Buildings Kill People.

Ah, it\’s good to be back in Austin after spring break….with the exception that now that I\’m here I have to actually do schoolwork.  Such is life.  Spring Break was bad the first half, cause I got really sick the Thursday before and didn\’t get better until around Tuesday.  The rest was pretty uneventful.  Mainly hanging out with the family in Houston.  I did see 4 people at the houston museum of fine arts.  That was pretty random.  At any rate, I\’m back now and I\’m already slacking on my work.  As in, not doing it at this moment in time. maybe later I\’ll have more motivation.  Peace out!

\”I went to Peru.\” – Grady

2 thoughts on “Earthquakes Don\’t Kill People. Buildings Kill People.”

  1. Hello Ms. Karen,Christians all over the world will be celebrating Easter and thinking that it is a sacred day that honors Christ. Actually, it is a festival day for an ancient sex goddess named Easter! What sense does it make to try to honor Jesus with symbols of fertility such as bunnies, chicks, eggs and jelly beans? Jesus asked us to honor him on passover with The Memorial of his death. Instead, Christians will honor Lady Easter with the pagans! What will Jesus think about that? “46 “So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say? (Luke 6:46) (NLT) Now is a good time to do what Jesus actually requested.

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