Equality and Empathy


I know when something is a big deal in the news because inevitably it ends up on my Facebook. Today, my newsfeed was flooded with this image, supporting gay marriage equality in light of the Supreme Court hearing a case about California\’s controversial Prop 8 (banning Gay Marriage) and DOMA. Needless to say, the gay marriage is a hugely hot button topic and one that both the GLBT and straight communities come together on. I think, especially for my generation, that gay rights (or rights for any minority group for that matter) are consistently being advocated for both within the minority population and by public opinion of society as a whole. There are definitely exceptions, but no longer can you say with certainty that because someone is white or straight or a man or goes to church or is conservative or comes from the south or {insert characteristic here} that they are for/against gay marriage. It simply isn\’t that simple. I know Catholics (and very strong and devout Catholics) that are gay and/or support gay rights. Some would argue with them (and most undoubtedly do) about points concerning sexual reproduction, the purpose of marriage, Biblical verses, etc. and these comments are also met with a vehement backlash from the other side, discussing Christian hipocrisy and taking the bible literally and the message about love, regardless of who it is for.

I feel like with the internet, and blogs in particular, I have seen friends battle it out on the front page of cyberworld, leaving no man or argument behind. My friends have divided up and polarized themselves to one stance or the other, becoming more radical the farther they tread. What starts as a simple blog post becomes a full-fledged argument with both sides being overly emotional and under understanding. It partially stems from the anonymous feeling one gets on the internet, like when you are home safe behind your computer no one can hurt you or call you out for being a jerk, even if all you\’ve done is troll people all day.

I guess this whole situation has made me think about one thing more than anything: We are all just trying to do the best we can with what we have. We are trying to survive, to do the right thing (hopefully) and make it through the world, so dividng up against one another, or not supporting equality, or just being a jerk to people is really only making the problem worse. The world has enough problems, we really shouldn\’t make it worse. I am for equality. I am for love. I am for peace. I am for goodness. I am for life.

I\’d like to leave you with a quote that has stuck me from an RSA Animate I watched on an Empathic Civilization

\”It\’s very tough being alive on this planet, whether you\’re a human being or a fox navigating the forest. So when a child learns that life is vulnerable and fragile and every moment is precious and that they have their own unique history, it allows the child then to experience other\’e plight in the same way. That other people, another creature, has a one and only life; it\’s tough to be alive and the odds are not always good.\” – Jeremy Rifkin

I basically think that sums it up.

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