Favored by luck or fortune having recently coming into existence the period of about 365 solar days

In other words, Happy New Year.  Ah 2007.  What will happen in 2007? Who knows!  I kind of like the idea of 2007 being a mystery.  I mean something really exciting could happen to me this year that I never in a million years would ever be able to think of right at this moment.  So many times in my life I think, if someone had told me that I would be (insert situation here) I never would have believed them.  I know I haven\’t at all given any sort of christmas update or even new year\’s update and pretty much what I\’ve done the past week or so, but whatever.  I don\’t need to answer to you, xanga.  We\’ll see what happens in the next 365 days.  So long my friends.

\”The highest score in Pac Man is 3 million 333 thousand 690 which is scored whenever you eat ever bonus and every ghost in all 256 levels.\” – Rob

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