Fill our emptiness

The last several days have been relaxing. Much more relaxing than I anticipated them being. Granted, I wasn\’t nearly as productive as I should have been, nevertheless, today I started the arduous task of cleaning my room and making just that much more pleasant to be in. It makes me think. There has to be another way. I mean there has to be a way of keeping my room clean, right? How come, then I don\’t. I wait until things pile up and then when I can no longer function effectively in the space do I then try to clean it. There just has to be a better way. One of my goals for this time before I go to Spring was to go through my stuff and seriously get rid of some things, old clothes that don\’t fit anymore, old papers I don\’t need, just all the random and useless stuff in my room here in Austin. It goes back to living simply and deliberatley. Now, I know this might sound like a stretch, but I think that simple, deliberateness is emptying my life of the unnecessary stuff so that it truly is empty of those things which cause great amounts of stress in my life. Let my life be empty of the world, so it can be full of God\’s peace and love. Fill the emptiness of my soul to give my life far more meaning than any physical product I own possibly could.

\”If my heart was a house, you\’d be home.\” – Owl City

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