\”Greed stole my pen.\”

This weekend was confirmation retreat.  It was good.  I did my brokenness talk and was incredibly open and honest about it, which some people really liked about it.  So I\’m glad that at least one person got something out of it.  It was embarrassing.  The retreat went well over all.  I got to meet the oh so famous Bryan T. Honeycutt.  He was pretty cool, and quite a sweetheart.  My favorite parts were adoration and mass.  hmm.  You think that the Eucharist had to do with it?  Seriously, it was awesome.  Especially mass.  I also really would like to thank Nathan for talking to me and pretty much telling me to get over myself and my problems.  I needed to hear that.  I\’ve had like so many theories and whatnot, but the main one….is that I\’m gonna focus totally on Jesus instead of anything with any guy, cause my focus has been way WAY off.  I seriously NEED to be completely alone to sort out everything.  I would also like to thank Joe, because it takes a lot of guts to tell me the truth when I was already super upset.  You have NO idea how much I respect that.

\”You\’re like a bright shining star and guys feel inadequate when they\’re standing there with their little flashlights.\” – Bryan T. Honeycutt

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  1. Wait a second. There is something missing from your xanga… Didn’t you see someone else today? When you went to Sam Houston State in Huntsville? Hmm… who is that friend you have that goes there that you saw today? Hmmmm…. I’m not sure. Maybe you know. :o)

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