Happy 4th of July!

I sit here in complete and utter boredom in my room listening to Michelle by the Beatles.  Yes 4th of July has the same strange feeling that New Year\’s does….crappy.  I\’ve literally been sitting in my house for the entire day in complete solitude, save Scampi and occasionally Bil.  It\’s time\’s like these when I really wish I had somebody to be with.  Especially earlier in the day when it was raining.  It was like the perfect make-out rain earlier…where\’s my soul-mate when I need him.  So my 4th of July has not been spectacular thus far and I\’m just gonna make a guess that it\’s probably not gonna be that much better later.  Bil\’s having a party tonight.  And let me tell you how much I love to drink and be around drunks throwing up all over the place…..ick.  Please save me from my misery.  Good thing I had a wonderful night a couple days ago or I don\’t think I could take it.

\”He\’s holding back.  He\’s hiding.  But what I can\’t decide.  Why won\’t he be the king I know he is, the king I see inside?\” – Lion King

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  1. You were in my dream just now, like in the past 8 hours. We were having lunch and Bil and your dad came to pick you up.  So it was kinda like you were here today!

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