Have Fun In Satan English

Today was evaluate my English teacher day.  It was a beautiful thing.  I hate her class.  I\’m very upset because I can\’t go see Ludo this weekend because my English teacher decided that she was gonna require another 8 pg freaking paper due on Tuesday and I need the weekend to write it, cause I can only write papers in like one sitting or they suck.  So that\’s a little bummy just because I wanted to see them in concert and now I probably never will and I miss my dad\’s birthday and my sister\’s piano recital.  All because of a stupid English paper.  Other than that things are slowing down.  Well except that I will soon have to study my butt off for finals.  But I\’m not really that worried about it.  I think I\’m gonna go figure out what I need in my classes to achieve desired grades.  I\’m such a loser.  This is what happens when you don\’t get out much.  Gosh I hate this.

\”Something will short-circuit.\” – Me

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  1. I’m sorry, that stinks!I’m exicted for you to be home for the summer. We sould spend some time and catch up girlie!<3

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