Have You Ever Transcended Time and Space?

Wow.  What a crazy awesome week and a couple days.  I went to training camp at Cho Yeh and the people there were sooo wonderful.  It was amazing how nice everyone was.  It was tiring though….and hot outside….and a bit physically training….but I got a tan and hopefully by the end of the summer I will be in shape.  I hope.  But yeah super fun times….especially with my cabin.  They were amazing!  Some Spectacular memories.

*I should buy ya\’ll muzzles…..hey that was funny*

*You got dropped?!*

*I\’m gonna kick cho-butt*

*Religious Discussions*

*Wayme Kerr*

*Square Dancing…..sooo amazing….Shane\’s the best partner ever!*

*First Time Blobber*

*Lake Livingston*

*Highs and Lows and Testimonies*

*Calvin and Hobbes*

I have to say I don\’t think I\’ve ever sweat that much in my entire life.  It was mucho fun though….I tihnk I\’m gonna like this job.  I came home friday night with Shelly and Joey came down and was staying at the Neyrey\’s house so he came by and said hello.  Saturday went to Chili\’s with Susan and Joey then to the Willowbrook mall, church, and then played frisbie and Balderdash.  Cash won and Rachel came in second.  Sunday, Joey and I went to Mongolian grill and then to the Woodlands mall and browsed around and i bought a super cute outfit.  It\’s amazing!  Then to target, home for dinner and then played skip bo.  Today…or rather yesterday seeing as it\’s 1:22 AM, went downtown and ate at Mingalone\’s or something like that.  I had chicken marsala….it was sooo good.  It had goat cheese on it and i definitely have had goat cheese before and i was trying to figure out where.  Then we went to the Galleria.  I\’m so malled out.  I totally saw shoes at Steve Madden that I\’m in love with.  too bad they\’re like 90 dollars.  Oh we also watched i heart huckabees this morning and neither joey nor my mother liked it.  oh well…must have bad taste….lol….j/k.  Also played a little frewquency and talked to Alex.  Yeah so this is definitely a catch up entry.  Maybe the next one will be more….meaningful.

\”Represent. Get Krunk. Represent. Get Krunk. If you know you\’re friends with Jesus go ahead and throw it up.\” – Lecray (I don\’t klnow if that\’s spelled correctly)

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