Hello Old Friend!

I haven\’t updated in forever it seems like. I guess I find it very difficult creating something after I spend all day working. I go to work, crunch numbers and write reports and by the time I get home all I really want to do is veg out and read my blogs, watch my TV shows and generally, I don\’t know, hang out with my family and fiance. Oh and go to the gym. I\’ve actually been going to the gym recently.

What is super annoying about this pattern is that I actually had things I wanted to write about earlier in the day. I spend all morning working and just thinking about what I could write about later.  It\’s like my main brain creative time is around 9 or 10am. Not 7. Don\’t ever talk to me around 7. I do not like waking up. But by 3 or 4 I\’m basically spent and forget the evening, which is the only real time I have time to write at all. So that\’s the basic gist of why I haven\’t been able to keep up with this. I\’ve been doing other things, like planning a wedding and playing with my niece. It\’s the total downside to being a \”grown-up\” and being \”responsible\” and doing things like working the \”9 to 5\”. Now don\’t get me wrong, I generally enjoy my job. It\’s comfortable and the environment is nice and I get paid decently, but sometimes I wish I only had to work part-time and I could have the rest of my day to write and read and research my own interests or actually create a successful blog with regular posting and interesting discussion topics. Maybe someday…

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