Hey, They Went to My High School!

I just spent the last 1/2 hour of my life watching the Bold and the Beautiful, remaining thoroughly confused the entire time. I don\’t know any of the characters, or story lines, or even have an interest in watching such an overly dramatic soap opera. However, I will sit through the Bold and the Beautiful to watch a girl from my high school, Kristolyn Lloyd, play a recurring role.

My love for drama started when I was 3 and my mom brought me to Canada\’s Wonderland. Being so little, I was pretty much regulated to the kid\’s section, Hanna Barbara Land, where I can still remember the Smurfs theme song being sung. Anyways, there was a playstage for the kids to go up and act out nursery rhymes and I was all over that. I mean I was ALL over that….while my cousin just dug his face in my aunt\’s pants. I guess not everyone wants to be a star. So there I was, as the lamb from Mary had a little lamb. I caught the bug. In middle school I took drama, much to the dismay of my elementary school music teacher and did speech/debate….only really just speech. Tried out for plays, and made ensemble roles for A Midsummer Night\’s Dream, Singing in the Rain, and Beauty and the Beast. All of which I had to wear hideous costumes in….although I did kinda like my purple dead Muppet shirt in AMSND.

Needless to say, I wasn\’t really good…or at least if I was good, everyone else was better. Ah, my dream of being an actress died somewhere between my lamb and cupcake days. However, I still retain the love of the theater. Musicals are kind of my \”thing\” for lack of a better word. I\’ve seen about 68 in my lifetime….which is considerable since live theater is significantly harder to come by than TV or movies. I owe this to my mother…she\’s a big musical buff as well. Anyways, the real reason for this post is to say that in the last couple of years people from my high school have been popping up all over my television! (I guess I wasn\’t that bad….everyone else at my school was just super good…..I\’ll go with that, sure!)

I\’m not going to lie, it\’s really exciting to watch people you have seen before in real life (heck shared a stage with!) actually be on TV. Now, I\’m not going to lie and pretend that me and any of the people I\’ve seen so far have been best buds at any point in time, but I\’ve seen them around…maybe been friends with several of them on Facebook at some point and have yearbooks to prove it. So I\’ve watched pretty near everything anyone I\’ve ever met before has been in. Anyways here are all the things I have seen that my former classmates are in.

Kamen Edwards – Harry Potter in the Hood, Twilight Spoof, Breaking Dawn Spoof, Big Time Rush – Ok, everyone knew that this kid was going to make it someday. He\’s always been attractive and walked around school with an \”I\’m going to be a star\” attitude. Oh, and did I mention he\’s funny? Now HP in the Hood, Twilight and Breaking Dawn spoofs are all internet short clips. But HP in the Hood was featured on the Soup and the Breaking Dawn spoof has the actor who plays Carlisle in the actual Twilight movies (lesser known for his more awesome role as Mike Dexter in Can\’t Hardly Wait…great movie)….so I find those legit. Big Time Rush is a Nickelodeon show about a teenage pop band. He guest stars as one of the windmills. Oh, and Kamen has a single on iTunes called \”If I was a Jonas Brother\”. Can I also mention his Glide webisodes? They are pretty much epic.

Michelle Galdenzi – Scream Queens, Blue Balled, Date Night – I went to both middle and high school with Michelle and Kamen. I remember Michelle being in my drama class in 8th grade where we played alongside each other in some play about the holocaust. She was way more popular than me in the hierarchy of the school, so we didn\’t talk much. The biggest thing she was in was Vh1\’s reality competition show Scream Queens where she got second and so should have one. Although, secretly I\’m glad I don\’t have to go see a scary movie….I think she\’s a more comedic actress than horror film. Blue Balled is pretty much a short on voting democrat (which is odd because I\’m pretty sure she\’s from Canada…at least that was the conversation we had cleaning up from the set of Beauty and the Beast). She\’s not really in Date Night (that movie with Tina Fey and Steve Correll) but she is an extra so I feel like that counts. Oh and the soup had some fun things to say about Michelle\’s scream queen days.

Allison Harvard – America\’s Next Top Model – I went to middle school and high school with Allison Harvard. She\’s a year younger than me. I don\’t really know her very well to be honest. However, her mother was one of my 5th grade teachers, which I think is pretty awesome. In ANTM Cycle 12, she was runner-up and honestly she should have one. All I really remember about her is how original she was and such a great artist.

Ben Rappaport – Outsourced – I went to High School with him. He\’s a year older than me. He was the lead in Singing in the Rain. I was Charlie Chaplin. We shared a stage back in 2004. That counts for something, right? Ben Rappaport is actually legitimately famous now. After going to Julliard, he landed the lead role in NBC\’s new comedy Outsourced. He plays Todd Dempsey. It\’s a decent show, although I probably wouldn\’t have watched it if I didn\’t know the main character. Oh, and because he\’s all famous and stuff, he\’s been on late night talk shows. I mean, no big deal…

I\’m sure this will not be the last I see of these folks, and someday there might be more to add to the list. Even if I was never really good friends with these people, I am very proud of what they have been able to accomplish.

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