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I definitely haven\’t written in a week.  I remember a time when I wouldn\’t update for weeks at a time.  But college means alot of time on the internet.  Alot of time doing mindless things like updating xanga and checking out facebook.  It\’s amusing actually.  Well I thought I\’d fill ya\’ll in on what I\’ve been up to.  Starting with how my classes are.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
ANT 305 – Expressive Culture – It\’s a very interesting class.  It makes you think about things that you wouldn\’t ordinarily think about, and seeing as I\’ve decided to make anthropology my minor *most likely* I find it quite intriguing.  We\’ve been learning about accents and how people view you based on the way you speak.  The professor is pretty good and interesting, although I wasn\’t a fan of the price of the $12 to print packet I had to buy.  Stupid copyright laws.  There\’s also gonna be a lot of reading and writing in that class.  And I really don\’t like writing at all.  We\’ll see about how hard everything is.

SOC 317L – Social Statistics – The professor is incredibly nice and goes through everything very thoroughly….but I haven\’t done the homework yet and it\’s due on Wednesday.  I\’m not even sure how to do the h/w actually…cause the problems are not what we go over in lecture.  I have my first lab tomorrow in this class, so hopefully that can give me some insight as to what the h/w is supposed to be like.  It\’s also, at least right now, pretty easy.  Mean, median and mode….I learned that in junior high.

(F) E 316K Discussion Section – The TA is absolutely awesome.  She brought us donuts.  Yay for having a nice fun person to see every week.  Hopefully she grades nicely.  I was an angel in her class on Friday.  That\’s right…3rd on the chain of being.

(F) ANT 305 Discussion Section – Discussion section is interesting.  It\’s going to go over the things that we have to read.  Last time we did introductions.  I know random things about the people in that class.  Gor example, Mark (a guy who actually lives down the hall from me) does oragami.  The TA seems pretty nice…and really straightforward.

Tuesday and Thursday:

E 316K – American Literature – This class seems to be a little overwhelming.  I mean I think it\’ll be ok, but the fact that it starts at 8am definitely doesn\’t make comprehension easy.  I also don\’t understand the Exercises at all.  And I\’m pretty sure I\’m not the only one.  I\’ve also determined that it\’s hard for me to analyze poetry, which came as a real shock to me actually.  But he made it so that everything we have to read is public domain making our packets only $15.  Thank you.

GRG 301K – Weather and Climate – Kimmel is really alot of fun and he really know what he\’s talking about.  It\’s entertaining to sit there and listen.  We had a quiz last time I was there.  Really easy.  I\’m hoping that I won\’t have to worry about this class…but the place names…now that scares me….200 things to remember and locate on a map.  I have to learn the whole world.

R S 310 – Introduction to the study of Religion – I love the professor for this class.  He\’s a peaceful hipie that supports nonviolent revolution.  He\’s so awesome.  Plus I find his class probably the most interesting of all of them.  I\’m genuinely enjoying this.  Religion meets sociology.  My 2 favorite things all rolled up into one.  The only problem is that he goes through the slides really fast, so it\’s hard to copy things down.  There\’s also a good chunk or reading in here.

I have abou 20 things I need to read this week.  It\’s sort of ridiculous.

I also went on welcome retreat which was fabulous and this coming week is rush.  Oh and I went to my first tail-gate….how exciting!

\”I dream in Spanish, but I don\’t understand it.\” – Jenn

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