I am SOO Excited!!

So I just got off the phone with the director at Camp Cho-Yeh and it went really well…at least I think it did.  Seeing as she said that she\’s wants to hire me and all she has to do is look at my references and then I\’m in.  Which is sooo awesome cause it\’ll be such a great environment to be around AND I\’ll get to volunteer for summer re AND I\’ll get to go to Steubenville AND I\’ll still get about $750 which is like double what I got last summer…it\’s the equivalent to my scholarship that i\’m losing when i go to Austin.  So yay!  I\’m soo excited about this.  I really feel like God placed this opportunity in my life.  I mean….normally they\’re completely full of staff by April, but they have a lot more kids.  And Shelly mentioned it to me….if it wasn\’t for her, it would totally not be the same.  Anyways, I really think that this is what God is calling me to do this summer.  I\’m sooo pumped up.  It just feels so right.  I mean I could be a good camp counselor right?

\”There\’s no such thing as coincidences…only God Incidents.\” – Unknown

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