I guess I get to see the sunrise

There are very few  good things about having an 8 am class.  One of the greatest is that every Tuesday and Thursday I get to see the sunrise from my window.  I never close my windows ever anymore.  You just can\’t beat natural light.  I also feel like a slacker cause I most definitely have NO idea what we\’re doing in English right now.  I have got to catch up on my schoolwork.  I decided to take a break after the 3 tests this week and haven\’t done much for 2 days.  As a result, I have no idea what\’s going on.  Worst comes to worst I\’ll just do it over the weekend.  I\’m going to the game, but no other plans.  Tonight is karaoke night at the UCC.  I think it\’ll be mucho fun.  It\’s also tote bag night.  I love my mu\’s.  I will say something else.  Walking home with Mark is always fun.  The first time we walked home together, we took random pictures on the drag and last night we\’re walking home and we hear music coming from the union….so we took a little detour to see what it was.  It was so random.  Well I should probably go now.  I DO have to go to class.

\”I\’m not gonna hit you grandma! A kid should never have to say that!\” – Malcolm in the Middle

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