I Hope I\’m Not Allergic To Austin

Xanga looks different.  It\’s weird.  I haven\’t been feeling well the past couple days.  It was really bad last night.  I kept flipping out.  So tonight, I decided to take my hydroxyzine, meaning….i\’ll be really out of it in about 15 minutes.  Fun.  At least I didn\’t take it during the day.  But yeah, my brother said sometihng about how i could be allergic to sometihng in austin and that\’s why i havent\’ been feeling well.  I hope that\’s not it.  Cause that could make my life miserable.  I\’m hoping that everything\’s just in my head like it usually is…cause the meds will pretty much just put me to sleep *ideally*.  I went to church tonight.  I\’m thinking about pledging to Mu Epsilon Theta.  I don\’t know we\’ll see.  welcome week is this week too.  Meaning, I\’m actually gonna have stuff to do.  I thought about going to the bar-b-que tomorrow, but depending on how long i sleep with the meds i probably won\’t wake up in time.  so oh well…besides I think I have h/w I need to do.  I\’m so bad.  I\’ve been in my room for the past 2 days and I haven\’t even done my h/w.  I\’d like to dedicate this post to Will.  Thank you for being such a great friend that cares enough to be with me.  I\’ll try and make it up to you.  Alright.  I\’m getting sleepier now.  So I guess I\’ll ttyl.

\”I won\’t leave you alone.\” – Will

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