I Just Saw 60 Year Olds Dancing To Usher. Wish You Were Here.

Hey all!  I\’m back for good.  Well until I go to school.  Into civilzation.  It\’s amazing.  Cho Yeh was good too.  Got a good tan.  Made some great friends.  Met a special someone.  Got alot of exercise (my legs are so much stronger).  Got to worship with other Christians.  Got to influence the lives of children.  Got paid.  Yay!
Some favorite memories:  Nathan and Ethan\’s dance (seriously the greatest thing I\’ve ever seen) * New praise and worship music I learned * Being Spirit leader * Winning A/O showdown every single time (GO OMEGAS!) * Winning the pastrami bet * The dance * Prowl with Tyler and Martha \”sleeptalking\” * Boys Vs. Girls * Dance off at girls\’ night * We Got Mr. Chicken * Awkard turtle moments * Meeting a girl who knows my \”celebrity crush\” * I\’m Karen * Making Joel a grilled cheese sandwich * Being traded for a set of legos * Having the best bosses in the history of the world (I love Jen Kat) * Being pied 3 times and water assasined * Feeling like I\’m actually making a difference * Watching lightning with Will
There\’s soo much more I\’m sure.  But yeah.  It\’s great to be back though.  Houston has alot more to offer than Livingston and i like to be able to have my phone on all the time and to be connected with the outside world.  Yesterday I went shopping at Kohl\’s and bought the cutest skirt and a cute linus and snoopy shirt.  I wore them today…with make up to.  I wanted to dress up cause i never got to at cho yeh.  I was hott.  Not gonna lie.  Today I went shopping with susan and then michelle came over and we watched spider-man 2 and it made me unbelievably happy.  And I vetoed Susan\’s choice in renting She\’s the Man…another very good thing.  Now if she wanted to watch Mr. Atlas, that\’s another story.  But yeah Spider-man 2……soo amazing.  I got really into it.  i\’m so dorky.  Anyways.  It was a fun girly night.  I should go to bed now though.  Goodnight all.

\”The logistics of camp don\’t matter.  The logistics of life don\’t matter.  The only thing that matters is the one simple Truth.\” – Tyler Deaton

Update: It turns out that Tyler\’s one simple Truth was much different than mine. I do not condone his extreme viewpoint that led to the sad events that occurred after graduation.

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