I Keep Changing My (Blog) Name

I\’m not the most creative person in the world and I really want the name of my blog to mean something to me. Table for Six, was my original idea, but then I didn\’t like it, but then I didn\’t like my other names (Deliberate Wanderings and Meaningful Journey) I just felt like they were just not abstract enough. So I\’ll see how I like Table for Six, but with an explanation. Table for Two by Caedmon\’s Call and it\’s one of my faves, mainly because it rings so true in my life. I used it as my Discernment Talk Song for Longhorn Awakening 45. So I thought about the table representing a space for me to bring something. Lay my cards out on the table if you will. Give myself a metaphorical place. Plus, the table is of significance in a family, group oriented way. Sitting around the table discussing your life, eating dinner, playing a game, etc. are all things that bring people closer together. A table is a place where ideas are formed, like this blog is a place where I express ideas. So that paired with the song, led me to this place. Now, the Six refers to my enneagram personality number. I thought it would be a good way to represent myself without saying my name or another random fact about me that isn\’t nearly as telling as to who I am. The six represents all of who I am, my motivations, my struggles, my talents, my thoughts….everything. Even if not everything is related to the personality I have, I do believe it\’s the best way of understanding me in a nutshell. And that\’s what a title is, isn\’t it? A sum-up of the blog. I also like that there are 6 people in my immediate family, so it reminds me of Thanksgiving when the six of us are sitting around the table eating or something. I know that is a long explanation, but I felt like it was necessary.

I\’ve been slacking on keeping up with this and I think I know why. I\’ve been thinking a lot about tons of things, but didn\’t feel completely safe or removed from them enough to express them on such an open forum. I think I need more introspection on myself to truly be able to work through the frustrations I\’ve been having. Maybe I\’ll talk more about my journey at a later date. I think I\’m going to bed now, because I spent all night at Midnight Rodeo and I\’m tired.

\”You know I had to laugh that the same old struggles that plagued me then are plaguing me still.\” – Caedmon\’s Call

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