I know way too much about Boy Meets World.

Hello all, I can\’t believe it\’s already Friday.  I mean tomorrow, I\’ll be going to Austin to move my stuff in.  Austin.  It\’s so crazy!  I have to do some crazy intense packing/cleaning and I\’m a bit distraught that I\’m missing the 3rd disk of the 3rd season of Boy Meets World.  I was watching it with my brother today.  Such an amazing show.  I also watched a couple episodes of Degrassi.  The night just keeps getting better and better.  Tonight I laughed harder than I have in a really long time.  Thanks alot Cash.  My mom and I got owned in Queen of Spades, but the commentary was soo great.  I can\’t wait to go back to school.  Spring is getting boring, especially when almost everyone is already gone.

\”Sue gets agitated with C-money, and there\’s almsot a throwdown in the middle of the card game.\” – Queen of Spades Commentary

2 thoughts on “I know way too much about Boy Meets World.”

  1. i still have yet to see boy meets world.. ha ha ha… ya… it going to be sad when karen is gone… cuz then youth night is blanchette less… and blanchettes rock… lol… so ya…. GOOD LUCK at UT.. Hook Um!  YAY… thats so cool… but ya ill ttyl… i hope


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