I Might Be Right

So the past couple days have been hard.  The hardness started from having to read for my Religious Studies class.  Now I love religion, I really do, and I even love the class, and I even enjoyed the actual material I was reading, however, there was so much of it, it was overwhelming.  I practically read for 4 days straight it felt like.  I also had a weather test today, which I was sad about cause I got a 78 and felt like that was unwarranted.  He did give us four extra points though…so that brings it up to an 82 which I guess is ok.  I also got a 93 on my ritual analysis.  Heck yeah baby!  All I have to do now is my stats test tomorrow….which I\’m not even that worried about, my weather final next Saturday night and my Anthropology final essay.  In other news, tonight I\’m going to the Blanton and the Velveeta Room.  It should be fun.  I love Austin….so much to do!  Oh and I\’m also gonna be auctioned off for date auction.  So yeah, start saving.

\”You can be a princess if you want to be.\” – Mark

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