I Need a Break

I honestly don\’t know what\’s wrong with me.  I mean on the one hand there\’s what logically I should be doing, and how I logically should be thinking and I should really not put up with all the crap that I feel like I\’ve been put through.  That said, I\’m having a very difficult time pulling myself away from it.  It\’s almost like a compulsion.  I just have to be there….even if it\’s less than ideal.  And it\’s not even that I don\’t have other options, because I do, I just keep choosing the one that doesn\’t make any sense.  Why is that?  I needed a break.  It\’s good for me to be in Houston, even if I don\’t enjoy H-town nearly as much.  Why is it that when someone writes very vague entries or notes or whatnot, I sometimes think they\’re about me?  I\’m paranoid I guess.  Or perhaps not…

\”I just had a really weird bathroom experience.\” – Me

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