I really don\’t have time to write a Xanga Entry

Yeah.  It\’s 9:26 and I haven\’t even got dressed yet and i\’m still eating breakfast and I have class at 10, so what the heck am I doing wasting time.  Today and tomorrow is Mu Chapter Retreat, so that\’s gonna be fun.  A weekend with no boys and just my sorority sisters.  I\’ve been realy busy lately I feel.  Like every 5 minutes I\’m doing something different.  I need to just take a second to think everytihng out and focus.  I have so much to do before 4 today.  I get out of class @ 1 and I\’m eating lunch at the Erwin Center with Rob and then I have to pack, take a shower and hopefully not leave my room in complete dissarray when I go to the UCC.  I don\’t know how that\’s gonna happen.  I\’ll just see what will happen I guess.  Maybe I\’ll update later on my life when I have more time and I\’m not overwhelmed.  I have a stats test today and that always makes me nervous.

\”Karen Blanchette is so not a douchebag.\” – Anna, Gabe, etc.

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