I really really really miss my best friend right now.

Have you ever been sitting there and you like really wanted to talk to your best friend in the whole entire world and tell them everything that\’s been going on, cause only they would understand cause they know you almost better than you know yourself?  Well today was one of those days.  I was in mass….and all I could think about was….I really want to talk to my best friend….I wish they went to UT.  *sigh* oh well.  What can you do.  I was in such a bad mood today…and for no real reason either.  I was being awful and I actually got called out on it, sorta.  Also, have you ever found something that was really really awesome and you actually like it so much that you\’re terrified of it?  If you have….then maybe you might understand what it\’s like to be me.

\”Dear Karen, I will be your best friend forever.  Don\’t Drink.  Mark.\” – Mark\’s Sign
Now I just have to get to sacrificing those goats…..

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