I sold my soul to this weekend.

I have so much stuff to do right now that I can\’t even think about how much stuff I have to do because if I think about it I will just stress out.  I am fully aware of the fact that I could use another 24 hours this weekend to do everything I need to do without being rushed.  Although, perhaps I\’m just over exaggerating and I really don\’t have as much to do as I say.  Lambda pledge stuff got postponed tonight and though I\’m really sorry about the circumstances, I can\’t help feeling a little bit relieved because that means that\’s one less thing I\’m going to have to think about right now.  In other, happier news, I got a 75 on my stats test.  Now I know that that doesn\’t sound good at all, but considering that when the bell rang not a single person got up from their chairs and I was convinced upon leaving my classroom that I had just ruined my grade by getting a 30 on a test that\’s worth about 20% of my grade, I am incredibly INCREDIBLY pleased with a 75.  It gives me an 85.9 in the class, which is an A because of the way that he curves final grades.  So yeah.  Very pleased with that.  So you might be wondering what on earth is Karen doing this weekend that is causing her to stress out?  Let me tell you, tomorrow night is Mu Initiation (I still can\’t believe I joined a sorority…it\’s so weird) and I still need black shoes because my white ones don\’t go cause the black polka dots make the white look off-white.  Blah.  I know what I want to, I just have to go buy some….which I have precious little time to do.  Then on Saturday I\’m going to Lambda Semi-formal and then Saturday we have Big Sis/Lil Sis Fun Day and Lambda Little Sis Initiation and then my first Active Meeting.  That\’s not even including homework I have to do.  Thanksgiving is going to be the greatest.

\”Nothing….Shut Up!\” – Anna and Me

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