I Start Work Tomorrow Morning

Alright, so I\’ve been doing laundry and packing all day because I leave for Cho Yeh tomorrow morning.  It is making me incredibly nervous.  First of all, I think I\’ll be driving up there by myself and as many of you already know I am not the best person when it comes to directions.  Not to mention the last time I drove on a highway was like sometime last year or something.  So that\’ll be fun I\’m sure.  I have to be there at 11 am….but I\’m leaving much earlier like 8:30 just in case I get lost.  Also, I don\’t quite know what to expect at camp so I\’m nervous about that too.  I have got to get some self-confidence.  So yeah.  We\’ll see how things are gonna go.  Please pray for me.  So this might be the last xanga entry in a while….although I do get 22 hours off on the weekend so maybe I\’ll update then.  If I can.  Oh and I\’ll have my phone with me….but I probably won\’t be able to answer it.  But if you call me and leave me messages I can call you back on my off time (granted I don\’t have much off time….so I\’ll do the best I can).  So leave me messages cause who doesn\’t like getting messages.  Anyways.  My soulmate gets to go to the laff spot tonight.  So not fair .  I\’m jealous.  I wanna go.

\”You better pay attention.  Build your comprehension.  There\’s gonna be a quiz at your ascension.\” – Godspell

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