I think I know what I want…but I can never be too sure

My life as of late has consisted of Summer RE with the second graders and beingat home….mostly sleeping.  I took a nap today, so I\’m not even tired, like at all….and i want to just go out and do something.  I\’ve been thinking lately.  Alot.  And I\’ve actually started to get a new perspective on some stuff in life.  I should really listen to Chris when he talks to me.  Why can\’t I just do that?  He gave me advice and told me how to solve my \”problems\” (if I even would call them problems) and I KNOW he\’s right…but for whatever reason I\’m so focused inward.  I\’ve gotten better being in Houston.  In Arlington, I was kind of a mess and my priorities were all screwed up.  CGS helps alot.  I swear, I meet Catholics from other churches and no other church that I have seen has near the passion that CGS does.  I don\’t know what it is….but it\’s hardcore over there.  So I\’ve been a little better…..still kinda unfocused, but hopefully Steubenville will help a little….like getting the passion and stuff back.  I really think I know what I want now.  Like out of life.  At least I think I do.  Maybe.  And it\’s not what I\’ve been doing.  Don\’t you hate that?  When you know what you want ot be and you realize you\’re not that at all and you almost resent yourself for it?  But at the same time I know I can\’t be too hard on myself cause I realize that I\’m trying to do the right thing.  I am so thankful that God is a loving and forgiving God.  So yeah….I tihnk I know what I want….but I know I\’m gonna have to be patient and wait for it….and improve myself in the meantime.  That\’s hard.  For me at least.  On a completely different note, I\’ve been thinking alot about being an academic advisor lately.  I think it would be a really god job for me.  I jsut need to figure out how I should go about doing that.  How awesome would it be to get my masters in counseling at a place like Northeastern or Franciscan or something.  That would rock all.

\”Please save this for me.  I\’ll come back for you, love, I promise to.\” – Ludo

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