If it\’s inevitable, just sit back and enjoy it.

So there\’s this 8 pg english paper I have to write that\’s worth 20% of my grade and I don\’t want to write it.  At all.  I mean at least the last english papers were about something I\’m at least passionate about, so writing them, though tedious and boring, wasn\’t that bad.  I have no idea how to write this one or what to write about and it\’s due on tuesday and I havne\’t even started and it\’s my final.  But this next week is indeed the last week of classes, thank goodness and then finals which i really have to study for if i wanna get some A\’s.  Especially in Anthropology.  I need a 97 on my final to get an A, just because I was sick the day of the review and he changed the test date to wednesday instead of a friday.  I literally took the test without studying at all, a short answer essay test without studying whatsoever about different cultures is soo not fun.  For example.  The question in define kula and not only do you have to know it\’s a trading system for the Trobriand Islanders, but you also have to know that they trade necklaces and arm bands and they\’re traded in opposite directions of the islands and therefore make a complete circle for stablility.  So yeah I did significantly worse on the test then i would have if i were to have actually studied.  I got 27 points lower on this test then i did the last.  How sad is that.  And yet people still hate me, because \”you can walk in here without going to the review and without studying for the test at all and still manage to get a C.  I can barely get a C when I do study.\”  So I guess I shouldn\’t complain.  At any rate I think I\’m gonna take a shower and then start trying to at least work on what i\’m going to write about for my english paper.

\”You have this thing.\” – Chris
\”What kind of thing.\” – Me
\”I don\’t know, it feels like your sitting on a beach kinda thing.\” – Chris
\”Does anyone else have this thing?\” – Me
\”No, you\’re the only one in the whole world.\” – Chris

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