If Only I Had Your Last Name

I don\’t know why I\’m feeling soo blah right now.  I went to bed super late last night and then woke up relatively early this morning cause Alex came over and we watched Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit that Chris bought me.  I was so tired and hungry and I\’ve hardly eaten anything all day (and what I did eat was no good for me I\’m sure).  At any rate.  My ear is killing me and I\’m tired and I\’m overall just generally annoyed with life.  I wish my room was clean.  I wish that I could just clap my hands and my room would be clean and I\’d be packed for tomorrow.  No such luck.

\” \’ Do you like vegetables?\’ \’They\’re growing on me.\’ \” – Wallace and Gromit

1 thought on “If Only I Had Your Last Name”

  1. I wish I could clap my hands and my house would be clean. ::sigh:: my house is a mess…but here i sit on xanga.. oh wellhope you are doing well, I haven’t really gotten to talk to you lately. Smile!

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