If Someone Asked You About Me, What Would You Say?

\”Her friends don\’t understand her.  She\’s a question without answers who feels like falling apart.\” – Thousand Foot Krutch

3 thoughts on “If Someone Asked You About Me, What Would You Say?”

  1. I would say this,”Karen, in the brief time that I have known her, has shown me nothing but kindness and an open heart. She is more than willing to let me pour out all of my emotional crap on her if need be. She is someone who is so fantastic that she is choosing to wait for true love, and marraige. She is someone who is constantly bettering herself, and who truly sees the life that God can provide for her, and the life she can live in through him. Karen is a flawed woman, yet an amazing woman despite this. Her charm and sweet nature is something of a rare thing. She is a blessed human being, and I am blessed to know her.”That’s what I’d say.LoC

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