I\’m looking for the rest the weary thoughts cannot deny

Something unbelievably exciting happened to me today.  Yes.  I slept for a full 8 hours.  That\’s actually the recommended sleep amount.  It\’s pretty exciting.  I know I\’ve been slacking on the updates.  It\’s probably because I\’ve been busy.  Let\’s see.  On Wednesday Rob and I went to see Rachel play in the concert band.  She was sooo fabulous.  Oh and Lauren was there too…I definitely didn\’t know that she even played the flute.  It was really nice though….a little free concert enjoying classical music.  It was really nice.  On Friday night I went to my first ever party.  Like real party.  Let\’s just say I felt really awkward.  I mean I was insanley quiet the entire time i was there….which is extremely rare for me to be ever.  I mean even Chris mentioned how quiet I was being, but yeah.  Oh and before the party I hung out with Grady and we went to the Spicy Pickle and it was pretty much amazing.  I\’m in love with it, I\’ve decided.  At any rate, then on saturday we had the talent show and everyone was soo good.  Gonna give a shout out to Rob and Maria for doing the sound cause I know they were a bit stressed out but I think they did fabulously.  Oh and Saturday morning I went to the mall with Patrick to help him pick out a suit for lambda semi-formal.  i\’m pretty sure the guys working at dillards thought i was his controlling g/f that was there to make sure he didn\’t pick the wrong thing.  Cause they kept asking me….what do you think….are you sure you like it? Like it was important that I liked it.  I mean i\’m not even going with him.  Sunday I went to the Austin Ballet and it was pretty much spectacular.  I wish I could be that graceful.  Oh and I got asked to Lambda semi-formal, which I\’m pretty excited about cause I get to wear my ubercute polka dot dress.  I\’m such a girl!

\”What is alcohol? It\’s a poison.  Don\’t get me wrong it\’s a perfectly nice poison.\” – Dr. Keeler

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