I\’m Not Allowed To Add-Drop Anymore This Semester

Oh my goodness.  So I decided that I was going to wait until I had attended all my classes to update my life on xanga…and today was the day.  I have now officially been to all of the classes and labs I am registered for finally.  So  for those of you who want to know, this is what I\’m taking.

ARH 303 – I finally go into the class that I wanted and the professor seems super energetic and awesome and nice.  So I think it will be at least fun and mildly entertaining, although he goes super super fast during lectures.

ARH 303 Discussion Section – I was soo late for this class on Thursday.  Like 10 minutes and then I got into the building and had no idea where the classroom was.  Thankfully Michael was in there and showed me where to go.  I like that it\’s an interesting subject.

LIN 306 – Hopefully this class will be pretty easy and straightforward.  There\’s a lot of reading and actual assignments I have to do, but it\’s generally easy to comprehend so far.  Plus the professor seems nice.

GEO 401 – This class was originally designed as a geology course for science majors…ick.  So far I understand it, because a lot of it is stuff I remember from high school type classes (like plate tectonics).  I bet it\’s going to get a lot more complicated though.  Blech.

GEO 401 Lab – This class just terrifies me.  Normal physical science stuff that other people just understand, takes me so long to get…if I even get it at all.  Not only that but we have tests in our labs as well as our lectures.  That\’s a lot.

SOC 317M – The Professor is amusing, but I sometimes wonder what the class is really supposed to be about.  He makes it entertaining, but sometimes I don\’t see it\’s relevance.  Hopefully it won\’t be too bad.

SOC 317M Lab – This is the stuff with the computers.  Oh my word.  When you can\’t even open up a file….that\’s pretty bad.  Seeing as the program we\’re using was used in like 1997 or something, it\’s all weird and slow and complicated.  It\’s incredibly incredibly frustrating.

Oh and I have reading in every single class.  So every time I\’m not reading, like now, for example….I should be.  So that\’s quite unfortunate.  In other news I got recommended by my statistics professor last semester for a research assistant position with another sociology professor who\’s doing work on the effects of Protestant and Catholic religious work on economics.  The website for it is http://www.prec.com and I\’m going to set up an interview sometime next week.  Not gonna lie…I\’m so incredibly nervous so if anyone wants to give me words of encouragement or advice feel free.  That\’s all for now folks.

\”You can tell it\’s good when no one is talking.\” – Rob
\”That\’s not true….we had a nice conversation about cheese.\” – Chris

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