In a Tube Down By the River

I had a good weekend. Quick Recap: Friday, I went into work and had a great meeting with my boss. Awakening Meeting (My first REAL thing to do as a Co-Co Go-Go) and then a good friend\’s b-day party at a cool Taco place on SoCo. Good friends. Good food. Good times. Saturday: Went tubing down the Comal with a bazillion people. Well more like 15, but that\’s a lot of people to stick together. It was super fun and relaxing, just what I needed to spend some non-stressful time thinking about my life. The only downside was that the rubber tube was SO hot that it burned my mid-back area. Although, this is a vast improvement to last time when I didn\’t put on enough sunscreen and my shoulders were all sorts of burned. But when you\’re chilling and having a good time with friends, you don\’t notice your back frying. Today was for the most part a lazy day, until the garbage disposal broke. My wonderful sister fixed it. She\’s crazy. Then church and Indian Palace with a very strange, unexpected encounter with *someone*. I\’m not 100% sure how I felt about it either. Uneasy might be the best way to describe it.

I have a thousand things running through my head right now. I simply cannot focus, which is a shame because my room could definitely use a tidying up. I\’m in a very plan-oriented mood and have a weird obsession with planning and researching things that other people probably don\’t care about. For example, all day today I have tried to sit and plan a meal plan for the next week, but I haven\’t been able to do it. I think because it\’s \”closing off options\” and I don\’t like feeling deprived. I\’ve also wanted to: figure out how many and what kinds of clothes/shoes I should have in order to simplify my wardrobe, plan a weekly schedule of when I do various chores like cleaning, laundry, etc., figure out the absolute best body wash and face wash I could purchase, and create a wellness regimen that incorporates the 7 aspects of health.

I feel the need to explain this, as it has become a growing secret obsession of mine. Secret because I haven\’t really done anything about it, nor do many people know I\’m obsessing about it constantly. I don\’t know where I found this either, but I did not make up the 7 aspects. I do not take credit. Now, the sub categories, I created in order to take more ownership of them and try to incorporate them into my daily life. Wellness is really important to me. Anyone that knows me knows that my absolute BIGGEST fear is getting sick. I would honestly rather die in some situations than throw up. But in my search for meaning, I realized that wellness wasn\’t jsut about not being physically sick, although that is part of it. With all of my experiences over the last year or so, I have started seeing myself and my world as one cohesive unit. That I, for better or for worse, am the whole package. I am a physical being, a spiritual being, emotional being, social being, etc. and focusing on only one aspect (for example, focusing only on physical health) does not make one a balanced person. In our culture we try our best to compartmentalize ourselves and our lives, but the reality of who we are is that we are everything, not anything. I think many of these ideas for me have really been sparked by the ideas of Father Kentinich. I\’m not sure if he ever said anything like that particularly, but the gist of what I have gotten from his teachings is that we have to work with who we are, as unique, free individuals, to try to obtain a stronger connection to God. I\’m not 100% sure that\’s what he said, but it\’s how the Schoenstatt movement makes me feel. For me it\’s so much less about Mary and more about our own human needs. Which makes me want to talk about my feelings on the Catholic church being more than a religion, but an almost lifestyle and ethnic, cultural identifier. But now I\’m getting off subject. See, not focused at all today. The 7 aspects of health:

1. Physical – Exercising, Diet, Sleep, Hydration, Prevention, Maintenance, Medical, Hygeine, Sex
2. Emotional – Dealing with emotions (negative and positive), Coping techniques, Stress-relief, Emotional expression, Relaxation, Feeling fulfilled, Creativity, Finding joy, Finding purpose
3. Spiritual – Connecting with a higher spiritual being, Transcending beyond ourselves, Prayer, Meditation, Church, Calling, Reading the Bible
4. Intellectual – Learning, Reading, Experiencing different things, Exposing oneself to different cultures, Playing games, Thinking, Education
5. Social – Creating and Maintaining meaningful relationships with friends, family, significant others, and the outside community, Interaction, Physical Touch, Connection with others
6. Occupational – Maintaining all the \”jobs\” we have, completing my duties to the best of my abilities as a Student, Roommate, Worker, Citizen, Adult, Volunteer. (This is where I would put \”life jobs\” like paying bills, car maintenance, anything that you have to do as a functioning member of whatever group, be it your job or society in general)
7. Enviornmental – Creating harmony in your physical environment, Cleaning, Designing, Going Outdoors, Physical Appearance, Make-Up, Clothing

So that\’s what I think the 7 aspects of health are and my goal for life is to balance those aspects in my daily life. Now, I\’m not going to lie I fail at this everyday, but I do know sort of what I want and hopefully I can be better about them. So that\’s all for me. I\’m sorry if this entry was super random and off-topic. I definitely wasn\’t focused today at all. Got other things on my mind. But I\’ll leave you with a quote I found about my Enneatype (6 – The Loyalist). When I read this I immediately identified with it. It exactly explains how I am when I\’m in the car with a certain *someone*.

\”Sixes can also give orders, not because of rigid inner standards, but because they are afraid of what they see as the erratic, irresponsible conduct of others potentially disrupting the security and stability they are trying to maintain.\” – The Enneagram Institute

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