It\’s 3 AM. I Must Be Lonely.

Sometimes I wish I was organized and that I could think so logically and I could make lists and plan things and follow through…without the confusion of emotion.  It\’s not that I don\’t like emotion…far from it, but I wish that I could think with my brain every once in a while.  I want to get my life together…how nice would that be.  I guess I think that getting it all together will make me realize what it is I actually want which would be nice.  I kinda wanna do some introspective soul-searching i guess.  Look at the real me in the face.  Accept who I am, was and will be.  I think I lie to myself alot and have a distorted view….but then again so does probably everyone else in the world.  I should really start praying more.

\”Are you gonna ditch me and go after my sister?\” – Susan

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