It\’s Complicated

Hey all.  Let\’s see.  Lent has started and yeah there\’s some pretty awesome things that I\’m doing to celebrate the season.  My particular favorite is going to daily mass at 8 am every morning at St. Maria Goretti.  So I went today and they gave annointing of the sick to everyone so I walked around all day with oil on my forehead.  How awesome is that.  They had adoration afterwards, but we really needed to go to class.  Luckily, Maggie and Mark were there to give us a ride back to campus so we didn\’t have to walk as far.  Then class, lunch, and then a nap cause yeah.  I\’ve been so tired recently.  tonight i\’m going to Irving to do stations of the cross at HFN so that should be fun and I\’m going out tomorrow night after getting all dolled up from the Mary Kay people so yeah that should be fun. I guess I\’ll talk to ya\’ll later.

\”Karen, almost everyone you know uses religion against you.\” – Rachel

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