Keep Me Where the Light Is.

I have no idea what I\’m doing.  But then again, when do I ever?  I need to talk to Joe.  This is just too much for me.  This weekend was Mu Chapter Retreat and the place we went to was absolutely beautiful.  So gorgeous.  It was a lot of fun just getting to be around all my Mu sisters.  I still can\’t believe I\’m pledging a sorority.  Oh and Initiation is next Friday.  So crazy.  It\’s gonna be a pretty crazy weekend.  I can\’t help feeling as though I\’m ruining my life though.  Sometimes I just wish that I could retreat back to a place where there isn\’t so much drama….but it\’s impossible because I\’m the one that causes all the drama.  I just need to grow up and make good decisions and not be such a wimp about it.  Bah.  I need a break.

\”It would be different if his first name was something like Merrick.\” – Stephanie

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