La Traviata

Well, it\’s getting to be crunch time.  My English teacher decided to change the syllabus during dead week…which i\’m pretty sure you\’re not allowed to do…so I had to do a toulmin analysis over some video.  At least the video was entertaining.  At least tomorrow is the LAST day of her class.  I\’m so ready for that to happen.  In other news the lady from Camp Cho Yeh is interviewing me for a job tomorrow hopefully.  There\’s been so much rescheduling and whatnot and i figure if I have no chance then she\’d probably not try to fit in the phone interview into her schedule right?  So hopefully I\’ll get to work there this summer.  I really want to.  Really badly.  So everyone out there that prays, pray for the interview to go well, because i think this would be a good experience.  I really need Steubenville.  I need like a passionate infusion of faith.  I have been WAY too complacent.  I\’ve been so settled.  I want to have that fire in my heart that I\’ve experienced in the past.  It\’s not completely gone, it\’s just not motivated at all.  I\’ve started to become ok with mediocrity.  No good.  No good at all.  I need to go on an adventure.  I need to find myself.  I need to find God…or at least recognize him better.  I need to be ok with myself and forgive myself for my shortcomings.  I want to do something radical.  Something that means something.

\”There\’s gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me.\” – Stacie Orrico

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