I\’m really bad at sticking to things.  It\’s a little weird, because I obviously have some kind of will and drive or I wouldn\’t have been able to get through graduate school, but for some reason, on my own time, I have a VERY hard time actually sticking to something.  But it\’s lent.  So there\’s a sense that I should at least attempt to stick to something.
One of my many projects in the last year or so was the 365 day project.  I made it to about 200 or so, which for me is pretty much a miracle.  Then my thesis happened and my life got horribly uninteresting again.  I noticed something though.  When I forced myself to take at least one picture a day of something fun, inspiring, interesting, that makes me happy or smile or think, I tended to feel better.  There\’s always something that is worth being happy about or excited about.  Everyday is a new adventure and taking pictures just reminds me of it.  So, my Lenten promise this year is to take pictures and remember to be super grateful for my fabulous life.
Ash Wednesday, Day 1: Lent begins and so does the vegetarian eating.  Evan decided to give up meat for all of Lent this year again, so bring on the falafel and hummus.

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