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One of my really good friends started a blog today and it made me realize….hey, I too, have a blog that I haven\’t really been keeping up with a whole lot…maybe I should get on that. I haven\’t been completely missing, but I haven\’t really written a whole lot in the last year. That being said I haven\’t really given an update on my life and what has been going on with it. Therefore, I will attempt to catch you up on the wonderful world of Karen.

1) I finished my thesis. This is a HUGE thing that took up hours and hours and hours of time. In the end, it ended up being 126 pages on Understanding Gender in the Catholic Schoenstatt Marian Movement. It\’s over now. It\’s been approved by the graduate college. I will graduate in August with a Master of Arts in Sociology.
2) I did not get into any PhD programs. This is both slightly disappointing and relieiving. On one hand it means I got rejected, which is never a fun feeling. However, on the other hand, I get to stay in the Austin area and be close to my boyfriend and family, which is very important to me. I don\’t think I\’m quite ready for a PhD program right now either. My thesis took a toll on my love for school and I actually feel a little \”burnt-out\” which has never happened before, so it\’s nice to know I will have a break.
3) That being said, I am now looking for a job so I can hopefully start earning money and ultimately be able to be more financially independent. I\’ve noticed I\’ve had a very strong desire for independence and freedom as of late. Also, it would be nice to actually afford all the things that I want to do. The economy isn\’t really that awesome, but I\’ve had a couple interviews so far, so hopefully something will turn up for me.
4) My family is getting bigger and bigger. One of the nice things about staying in Austin is being around my family and in the last year there has been A LOT of changes and developments. My brother got married and my sister is having a baby girl. I\’m going to be an aunt soon!
5) And for those of you who would ask me in real life, Evan and I are doing well. Our relationship doesn\’t really have a lot of drama, which is super fantastic and we are both comfortable with the way things are and excited to see what the future holds in store for us. He\’s an awesome guy and I\’m just really glad I have the opportunity to share my life with him.
6) I\’m preparing for my Covenant of Love, which is the ceremony where you publicly declare your commitment to having a relationship with the Virgin Mary in Schoenstatt. It has been an interesting journey through Schoenstatt, but I feel like at this point in my life, this is the right step for me to take spiritually and I am so thankful that many members in my lifegroup will be there with me.
Those are basically the big things going on in my life. I\’m really at a transition and hopefully when I get a job my life will be much more stable and settled than it is at the present.
\”TTFN! Ta Ta For Now.\” – Tigger The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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  1. a very good friend of yours?? who could that be. it was nice to read your life update….but i can't wait to get to hear it in person in a few weeks!

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