Living In The Castilian Is Sometimes Comparable To Living In A Third World Country

I\’m talking, of course, about the wonderful 2 days of no electricity or running water.  Yes that\’s right.  Starting on Monday at about 4 am, till about 5 pm on Tuesday night….there was no running water meaning, no toilets, no sinks, no showers, and no electricity….meaning no computer, no alarm clock, no light.  You get the picture.  And let me tell you…it made for an interesting couple of days.  The elevators (i found out) are run off a generator and so they worked which was fortunate because 19 flights of stairs is a lot.  Yeah.  I had a really bad Monday.  I had to go to the Union to go to the bathroom.  Other than that excitement not much has been going on.  I got sold for $300 at the date auction, which was fun.  I\’m going for my interview for the research assistant job tomorrow afternoon at 3.  My birthday is on Sunday and Rachel is coming from Arlington to see me.  I\’m so excited!  My parents are coming too, which is cool as well.  That\’s all I have for you today.

\”I love the house with the banana-moon on it!\” – Me

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