Mother of the Bride

I have some exciting news to share. I\’m going to be on TV. Like so many classmates before me, I too will grace the television sets of thousands of people, where they will probably laugh at me and make judgements about how unmarryable I must be and the like. If it\’s bad enough, I might even make it on The Soup, thus stretching my 15 minutes of fame into an even 30. Here\’s how this came to be.

My best friend in the entire world, Rachel, got engaged the same time I did (or well like a week after me, but it was officially on Facebook the same exact day, so in the eyes of official Facebook timeline, we got engaged the same day). She\’s getting married in October. I\’m getting married in January. Well, her mother, who is my second mom and has been since I was 5, went out looking for mother of the bride dresses, like you do. She went into a store called T. Carolyn, which just so happens to be super close to the house I grew up in and it just so happens to be one of the only stores solely devoted to mother of the bride dresses and it just so happens that they are casting for a new reality tv show about finding a dress for the mother of the bride (like \”Say Yes to the Dress\”) and she just happened to apply and tell them that she and my mom are best friends and that Rachel and I are best friends and we are all having weddings and we just so happened to get selected for said show and we just so happened to film it a couple of weeks ago. Yes, my friends, I am going to be on a wedding reality TV show. It was really fun and slightly terrifying and I hope they don\’t make me look too awful. 

We filmed over two days, the first day for my friends mom and the second day for mine. The first day went splendidly, so well in fact that they were kind of trying to find drama where there really wasn\’t any drama at all. When my mom went, however, they didn\’t even need look for it. It was a little bit of a roller coaster day. I\’m sure I\’m not supposed to talk too much about it, but I\’m excited to see the final project. They said that not everyone who gets filmed actually makes it, but one of the crew members said we were probably in the top 10 most entertaining people they had.

Oh, and the show is Canadian and has yet to be picked up in the States, which means that there is a possibility that no one I know will even be able to see my reality tv show debut. They said we would get a copy of the episode, so hopefully we can have some screening party or something.

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