Moved By You

So this weekend was absolutely amazing!  I mean I had no idea what to expect about Awakening and it was so awesome and so what I needed because last week was uber stressful and whatnot.  There was just so much love and it tolally reminded me of CGS and it\’s just the kind of communtiy that I\’m glad that I\’m a part of.  I love the UCC, I love all the friends I\’ve made at UT, I love Longhorn Awakening, I love my life.  Everything right now in my life is going so well.  And it hasn\’t been that way in such a long time and I\’m just so thankful that I had the opportunity to go this weekend and take a break fromt he world and get reenergized spiritually.  I\’m really happy with the way things are right now.  I\’m really happy with where I am.  That\’s such an amazing feeling.  Tonight I\’m going out with some of my Mu sisters for dinner.  I\’m so excited.  There was alot of bonding done on saturday night….boy talk…it was great.  I love being a girl.  I love everyone.  I love life.  I love God.  I\’m just full of love right now.  But I have alot of stuff to catch up on back in the real world of school and whatnot so I must go.  Bye, I love you!

\”Love Love Love Love. Christians this is your call. Love your neighbor as yourself, for God loves us all.\”

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  1. I’m glad you liked Awakening! I got to go to the one for SHSU last year, and I thought the same thing about it reminded me of CGS Retreats. Actually it was kinda like all three of them rolled into one and then some. That was how I described it after it was all said and done. Have a Wonderful Week!

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