My Favorite Television Characters

I really like TV. Much more than movies or music or sports. There\’s just something about \”getting into\” shows that I just really enjoy. Like some kind of comfort of seeing the same characters every week gives me something to look forward to and a way to wind down after school. So, instead of doing a super meaningful post about life, I think I\’ll just make a list of the shows that I watch and my favorite characters from them.

30 Rock – Jack, Jonathan – By far, the best character is Jack, with his witty remarks and super CEO attitude. However, the most underrated award goes to Jonathan. Forget the devotion of Kenneth to NBC, Jonathan\’s infatuation with Jack is possibly the most underrated plot continuity device in the show. **HAS MADE ME LITERALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD**

Arrested Development – Tobias, George-Michael – Tobias is an obvious choice, literally everything he says is a hoot. **ONE OF THE BEST WRITTEN SHOWS EVER MADE**

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Sokka, Zuko, Uncle Iroh – Sokka is by far my favorite. At first, I hated him (totally thought he was annoying), but then I realized, he\’s a 6. Negative, pessimistic and highly cynical, yet insanely loyal to the group. Plus he can\’t bend, making him the comic relief and the voice of logic in an otherwise crazy world. Zuko and Uncle Iroh are liked for their depth in character and their growth development being exquisite for a cartoon. **I LIKE THIS JUST AS MUCH AS HARRY POTTER**

Better Off Ted – Veronica – Portia De Rossi makes this show. **VERY UNDERRATED SHOW**

Better With You – Maddie – If my life were this television show, I would be Maddie….the very dorky older sister who is lame but lovable. **LOVE THE CONCEPT**

Boy Meets World – Mr. Feeny, Cory – I would be remiss if Mr. Feeny wasn\’t a top character of all time. And besides being the main character Cory is also very much a 6 in the way he carries himself. Not as \”cool\” as Shawn or Eric, but awesome enough to get the girl in the end. **FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME**

Chuck – Captain Awesome – His name just says it all. He might not be the main character but he is way more awesome than anyone on that show. **NERDY ACTION PACKED GREATNESS**

Flight of the Conchords – Jemaine, Murray – So, this is basically most of the cast, but these two really make this show for me. **BETTER MUSICAL COMEDY THAN GLEE**

Friends – Chandler – Name me a better Friends character and I would say you\’re wrong. **A CLASSIC**

Glee – Sue, Britney, Dr. Carl – Forget Rachel and Finn, or Kurt or Mecedes, and especially forget Mr. Schuster and Emma…The only characters that make this show watchable are Sue Sylvester, Britney and the newly added Dr. Carl. **OVERRATED, EXCEPT FOR JANE LYNCH**

How I Met Your Mother – Marshall – He sings to himself, is kind of a dope and gets to slap Barney. **I WOULD BE WILLING TO ARGUE THAT HIMYM IS THE BEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER IN TERMS OF REWARDING IT\’S VIEWERS** Update: Due the horrible finale, I must recant this this statement and replace it with the seething review I dedicated an entire blog post for. For shame, HIMYM, for shame.

It\’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Mack – Yeah, he\’s a jerk like the rest of them, but he\’s not as annoying as Charlie, but more off the wall than Dennis and Dee **I CAN\’T HELP BUT LAUGH EVEN THOUGH IT\’S SO WRONG**

Malcolm in the Middle – Francis – You never know what he\’ll be up to, but it\’s always something awesome. **THE LEGIT VERSION OF THE NEW SHOW \”THE MIDDLE\”**

Modern Family – Cam, Phil – I feel that this one is a cope out. Who doesn\’t like Cam? Although Phil probably has the best lines. **THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON AIR**

Parenthood – Drew – So underrated, an awkward teenage boy who\’s sweet and endearing. He needs more screentime **THE BEST ACTING ON TV AT THE MOMENT**

Rules of Engagement – Jeff – First he\’s the voice of Krunk (the best character in the Emporer\’s New Groove) AND he\’s really cynical. **A LESSER VERSION OF HIMYM**

Scrubs – Jordan, Denise – while Dr. Cox makes this show, as anyone could tell you, Jordan and Denise are the strong emotionless women that add a special something to a great show **THE ONLY MEDICAL SHOW I WILL WATCH**

The O.C. – Julie Cooper, Taylor – I hated Marissa and was so glad when she was killed off. Julie Cooper: the woman you love to hate and Taylor…yeah, Taylor. **THOUGHT IT WAS OVERRATED UNTIL I GOT SUCKED IN**

The Office – Creed, Dwight, Toby – I don\’t like Jim or Pam (they\’re too boring) nor do I like Michael Scott. Everything Creed says is awesome. Dwight has literally made me start crying I was laughing so hard and Toby kind of reminds me of Eeyore. **GENERALLY OVERRATED WITH A FEW MOMENTS OF GREATNESS**

Trailer Park Boys – Ricky – His Rickyisms are the best part of the show. He may not be the brains, or the heart of the operation, but he definitely has his place. **ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS IN TERMS OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, EVEN OFF-SCREEN**

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