My First Day of Grad School

So it\’s official. I had my very first class in grad school. I\’m in the Student Affairs Program at Texas State and tonight was the very first class. It\’s very exciting. I\’m still super nervous and don\’t know my way around yet or anyone for that matter, but hopefully it\’s where I am supposed to be. Today I decided that I was going to accept and work with where I am in my life. This is my adventure right now. Not saying that it won\’t change. It might. Adventures always change, that\’s what makes them adventures, right? What I\’m saying is I\’m going to try to work with my adventure to discover myself. Who says I have to abandon everything to soul search? I\’m delving in with everything I am and hopefully it will bring me one step closer to being self-educated. I believe that education is so incredibly important, but academics are only part of the equation. Learning about yourself and the world is equally, if not more important. That\’s what is drawing me into Student Affairs. I want to inspire others to find themselves and college is a wonderful opportunity to do that. I want to help others find their passion and desire and to pursue it. I want to help others live in a healthy, constructive way and always feel supported. Support is really big to me. Family is really big for me. If I can be the support and family for students in such a non-secure environment (away from home, no family, hard to make friends, etc.) I think that would be really fulfilling to me. I feel good, which surprised me a little bit. This whole summer I\’ve avoided thinking about my future plans, i.e. grad school. When someone would ask I would tell them in a very unsure tone about what I was planning on doing. It was VERY clear to me that I wasn\’t 100% sure about my decision. But today, while driving back 45 minutes to Austin, I decided that this is where I am. This is what I\’m doing and for better or for worse there must be a reason. The people in my cohort seem very friendly and the class seems pretty laid back, fun and useful. Hopefully my other classes on Tuesday will be that good.

On a completely unrelated note, my PC is sick….again. I don\’t know what I\’m doing wrong or if it\’s something with the connection or what, but it keeps downloading stuff to itself and now it restarts itself and won\’t open things. It even changed the background to a huge warning sign saying \”Your Computer is Infected!\” I wish I was a bit more technologically skilled so I could prevent these things from happening.

I would just like to note how much I love websites that reflect our society and lives in very real and entertaining ways. I\’m talking about all those websites that you know you go to in order to amuse yourselves. FML, MLIA, MLIG, PostSecret, TFLN, Facebook, Failblog. All those fun websites that \”waste\” our time but we can\’t ever get enough of them. I especially love how I learn about websites and youtube videos and news articles and what famous people died and pictures and all sorts of things from my friends on Facebook. I swear if it wasn\’t for Facebook, I still might never have known that Michael Jackson died. So today, in looking at what people have posted or said in their blog, I came across a whole new website for me to amuse myself with. Have fun, enjoy it. I hopefully will expand on how I think these various media sources reflect our world and why we find them so intrgiuging and how they impact our lives and society in general. Maybe another day. We\’ll put that on the list of things to think about on a rainy day.

\”Don\’t ever let anyone tell you you can\’t do something. Those people are the problem, not the solution. Be part of the solution.\” – Alex Pankonien

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