Name That Tune!

I don\’t feel like having a real entry so here are lyrcis…guess \’em, if you can.

1.  We\’ll float around and hang out on clouds then we\’ll come down and have a hangover.

2.  Just remember how you felt when you first gave your life to Jesus.

3.  Shape me into something you can fill; something real.

4.  Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it, show how good you are.

5.  Tell me, can you hear the sound of all these people fallin\’ down crawling back into the ground, make me smile again.

6.  I better tell her that I love her before she does it all over again.

7.  Never thought that love could feel like this.  You changed my life with just one kiss.

8.  Lately I\’m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel.

9.  Sounds like the time I stapled balogna to my face.

10.  I didn\’t know that it was so cold and you needed someone to show you the way.

11.  Baby, you said that you love me so why are you leaving me?

12.  You don\’t fit into that all-American box, that coffin created for creative thought.

13.  You had your chance.  You blew it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

14.  Heaven holds a place for those who pray.

15.  Smiles await you when you rise.  Sleep pretty darling, do not cry.

16.  You\’re as good as dead without a bank account, but it\’s funny how alive he felt down in that unemployment line…

17.  They see God upon that throne. As they fall into His arms they know they\’re home.

18.  And there won\’t be anymore rabbits around.  No more Roger Rabbit, no more Peter Rabbit and no more Playboy Bunny rabbits.

19.  I was lost, I was lost.  Crossed lines I shouldn\’t have crossed.

20.  In your presence Jesus, I see who I really am.

Good Luck All!

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