New House + The Need for Simplicity

It\’s kind of been a while. I haven\’t been inspired to write in such a long time and it\’s hard to find the time to do it, {enter excuse here}. It\’s weird that I feel the need to apologize over a hobby of mine, but because I equate writing with self-betterment somehow, it mkaes me feel guilty.

Anyways, the reason I wanted to post something today, is to announce that Evan and I bought a house! It was an oddly painless process. It was the 4th house we saw and the one we were most in love with. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. 2-story. Nice neighborhood. Great Schools. Close to my brother and much closer to Evan\’s parents. It\’s definitely a house we can grow into and we hope to be here for a while.
You never realize how much stuff / junk you have until you have to pack it up. It took the movers 5 hours to load up our one-bedroom apartment and it seems like we can fill almost the whole house!  It\’s kind of out of control.  There is just no way that we actually NEED all of this stuff. It cannot possibly make our lives better. It just….can\’t. The amount of clothing is just ridiculous. Evan used our clothes to wrap breakable items for the move so they are strewn about all over the house and we still have huge piles. And yet, I feel like I hate basically everything I own. There has GOT to be a better way. I read so many blogs about simplifying your life and minimizing your stuff and yet I feel like I for whatever reason can\’t do these things. Like getting rid of \”perfectly good\” items is somehow wrong and I should keep them \”just in case\”. Now, to assure you, I am not nearly as bad as those hoarders on TV (those guys are scary), but I definitely think I need to really dig deep and discover what it is that I truly want, love, desire and get rid of the rest. What is it, in life, that makes my heart sing? That\’s what I need to hone in on and discard the rest. Life is full of distractions and all of this clutter. Whether it\’s my clothing or the blogs I read or the TV shows I watch or the events I plan or the restaurants/recipes I want to try or the home improvement list for the new house, it all gets overwhelming and it\’s not even what is important to me. My relationships are more important to me. My family, friends, and sanity.
All that being said, I now have to go and unpack all the stuff we own, and with each box it\’s a reminder that we need to start doing better. We need to start living more simply, more contently and more organically. I want to be 100% in love with everything I own and have all of our stuff truly represent Evan and I and then get rid of everything else. Ah, if it was only that easy. I\’m glad I\’m on holiday this week or I don\’t know how I could get this all done.

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