Now is the Time to Open the Door

It\’s been a while since I had any inspiration to write an entry. This is probably due to various reasons, not the least of which is because graduate school is time consuming and any time I\’m not reading about gender or the environment, I should be. However, I have recently started my Spring Break and have 2 weeks to get done what I normally only have 1 week for, so I have no excuses. So what has been going on in my life? Well this particular weekend my best friend in the whole world who lives much too far away is coming to visit and my cousin who lives much further away is coming down on Saturday and staying until Thursday of next week, which I am truly excited about. Now to think of fun things to do in Austin to give her a real Austin experience. And the rest of my friends here in Austin (well not all, but a huge portion of) are going to Jarrell this weekend partaking in a semi-annual retreat I love, but can\’t be at. I hope everyone there has a marvelous time. Part of me wishes I could be there, but the other part of me realizes and is starting to accept that life is all about phases and that Awakening and the UCC is just not my phase right now. I\’m in a transition out of \”college\” but yet I\’m still in college. Although, I would argue that graduate school is a completely different dynamic than undergrad, so I\’m not even sure college fits anymore. It\’s a weird place to be and I\’m trying my very best to accept and embrace that. I guess we will see where it goes. Don\’t you just love the journey of life?

\”I am man: nothing human is alien to me.\” – Terence

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